What Exactly Am I Pledging?
To share/watch "The Bully in the Mirror" video with kids or teens. 
We strongly encourage trying The Mirror Exercise with the students afterwards and having discussions about the material. The Self-Bullying Awareness Package is designed to make this easy for you and includes materials to help.

How the Pledge Works:
  • You fill in your information and we will mail you the Self-Bullying Awareness Package (while supplies last).
  • There is no cost to you if you are in Canada or the USA. We will happily send you the package if you are in another country, however, we may request you pay the shipping.
  • You can share "The Bully in the Mirror" at any time. We have a special Thunderclap campaign set up to raise awareness on October 10, 2017, but it is not necessary to participate on that day. 
  • No minimum number of students required. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and will happily send you this package if you are pledging for 5 students or 500. 
The Self-Bullying Awareness Package Includes:
  1. A poster. 
  2. Postcards of The Mirror Exercise for students to take home. 
  3. More activities and exercises designed for different age groups. 
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